Helping organisations achieve cloud cost-efficiency

If your organization is committed to aiding, supporting, or protecting those in need, apply now to receive cloud cost savings from Glassity.

About the Initiative

The initiative is specifically designed to offer our services to NPOs, NGOs, IGOs that are dedicated to creating positive change and aiding those in need.

We want to help organizations whose functions are related to providing support, help and protection for children and youth, women, minorities and refugees; also supporting sustainable development and addressing the climate change.

Our goal is to relieve their financial burden.

Why we want to help?

Cloud spending is becoming an increasingly significant part of organizational budgets and thus requires optimization. AWS cloud cost optimization is complex due to a wide variety of services and pricing models, as well as dynamic usage patterns that require continuous monitoring and adaptation. The decentralized management of resources across different departments further complicates efficient cost control and allocation.

Additionally, achieving cost efficiency demands substantial investments in time, developer effort, and resources, often leading to overspending on cloud services. Glassity addresses these challenges by automating AWS cloud cost savings, helping organizations overcome the complexities and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Application Process

We will carefully review each application to determine if it meets the criteria for qualification for our services under special terms. Each case will be evaluated manually. A dedicated FinOps specialist will be appointed to each selected organization to assess and implement optimization processes.