Digital Marketing Specialist

Ignat Osseiko

Ignat combines a background in economics and digital marketing with extensive experience in analytics, operations, and business development. He has excelled as Head of Analytics for a conference business, COO of a business simulation company, and co-founder of a teaching platform. At Glassity, Ignat focuses on digital marketing, optimizing outreach, websites, SEO, and Google Ads. His diverse skills drive effective, tech-driven growth strategies.

About Ignat Osseiko

With a background in economics and digital marketing, I combine analytical skills with creative strategies. I started with a degree in Economics, focusing on econometrics and statistical analysis.

As Head of Analytics for a conference business, I managed teams, led website projects, and streamlined sales, finance, and customer support processes. As COO of a business simulation company, I improved products, developed marketing funnels, and ensured smooth operations. Co-founding a watercolor teaching platform, I built branding strategies, websites, and grew a large social media following. I also managed a company that created modern websites.

At Glassity, I focus on digital marketing—building outreach systems, developing websites, and optimizing SEO and Google Ads. My diverse experience helps me create effective strategies that align with business goals. I’m passionate about using technology to drive business growth and always eager to learn more in the digital marketing field.

On a personal note, I’m friendly and communicative, enjoying interactions with a wide range of people. Outside of work, I love playing poker and table tennis. These activities keep me active and balanced, contributing to my overall well-being and effectiveness in my professional life.