Lead Designer

Kaspar Kuus

Kaspar brings a diverse background, with six years of design experience. With a bachelor’s degree in digital product design, he actively mentors startups and delivers presentations and talks on these subjects. His expertise covers motion graphics, advertising, email presentations, web design, templates, merchandise, and more.

About Kaspar Kuus

I’m a designer with a passion for pushing creative boundaries and empowering others. Co-founder of a successful student venture and a former entrepreneur who taught coding to young minds, I thrive on innovation and education.

My six years of design experience, combined with a bachelor’s degree in digital product design, have shaped my skills in motion graphics, advertising, web design, and more. I have a knack for turning ideas into digital magic, but my journey doesn’t stop there. I’m constantly exploring new frontiers and honing my craft through platforms like Coursera and SuperHi.

When I’m not crafting compelling visuals or mentoring startups, you’ll find me seeking adrenaline on the slopes, enjoying ball games like tennis and padel, or cruising in fast cars. Music is my constant companion, fuelling my creativity throughout the day.