Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no catch involved. We achieve this by utilizing algorithms that automatically optimize the cost of your EC2 instances in real time. Our system reads your EC2 workload and procures 3-year, no-upfront reserved instances with significant discounts. We then pass these savings on to you and leave the 3-year commitment for us to deal with.

No, you will receive long-term RI benefits with the flexibility of on-demand. You won’t be bound to a 3-year commitment with AWS. Glassity will handle the 3-year commitment.

No, our current focus is exclusively on AWS. However, in 2024, we have plans to integrate with the second cloud provider and expand our cost-reduction services.

We are launching Amazon Relational Database Service optimization Beta in February 2024. Glassity will offer savings of up to 69% on AWS RDS instance costs.

We connect to the AWS account of the customer, we take a look at the databases and automatically detect the best saving opportunities for you, then you can choose the savings plan you’d like and with one click you can apply that discount! Glassity will automatically commit to the chosen savings plan, no technical input needed.

No, we won’t interact with your servers or access your account in that manner. Our cost reduction service simply requires us to access and review your AWS bill.

Glassity performs non-intrusive optimizations through Cross-Account IAM Role with minimal permissions, which ensures no access to any of customer’s private and sensitive information.

No, there’s no need for that. Our service is entirely automated and doesn’t demand any involvement from your team. All you have to do is activate the service within our app and enjoy the benefits of cost savings.

Certainly not. Our service is non-intrusive, which means we neither make changes to nor gain visibility into your infrastructure. We exclusively operate at the billing layer.

The majority of cloud optimizers are inherently intrusive. They provide recommendations to the customer that necessitate changes in the infrastructure, often triggering complex change management processes involving multiple parties. Examples of such changes include modernization efforts, consolidation, and scheduled shutdowns.
While they do optimize costs, customers are required to utilize in-house engineers to implement these changes, introducing potential risks due to the many moving parts involved.

On the contrary, our approach is designed to spare you from this additional workload and potential risks. We achieve the same level of cost optimization or even better results in cloud cost management with significantly less effort on your side.

Glassity empowers cloud teams with the automation, effectively reducing cloud expenses and saving developers valuable time.

Glassity complements AWS native optimization, providing even higher savings.

You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

No. Glassity onboarding requires only setting up an IAM policy and an IAM role in your AWS organization

Glassity bills a success fee – 10% of generated savings. We calculate your savings based on the impact of our service, allowing you the flexibility to implement other cost-saving strategies as needed.

We are in the process of ISO27001 compliance acquisition.