About our Company

At Glassity we help companies to achieve cloud-related cost efficiency

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Cloud computing is fundamental for supporting business operations in most companies, but it’s extremely complex and is still usually managed manually by in-house engineers.

This complexity results in high cloud waste and overspending in cloud costs, when even a small mistake may cost thousands of wasted dollars.

We can fix that!

The Story behind our Company

Why Glassity was created?

Glassity was created to bring simplicity and visibility to the often complex and “black box”- like cloud computing, especially for those managing cloud projects and overseeing product ownership.

Our name reflects this mission, we aim to make complex Cloud architecture as clear as transparent glass.

How it's started?

Glassity’s journey began with Jose Ernesto, the mastermind behind the solution. With over 20 years as a Systems Engineer, he spent recent years architecting cloud infrastructure and building a FinOps strategy for the United Nations International Computing Centre.

Throughout his career, he observed that organizational growth often led to cloud complexity (more servers, more databases, emerging technologies, new engineering profiles, etc.), causing companies to overspend by tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. Companies start to lose control, and DevOps teams find themselves dedicating vast amounts of time to optimizing these intricate systems instead of focusing on their core projects.

Reducing cloud costs in these situations becomes an uphill battle. If you’re in the technology sector, this issue might sound familiar. For Jose, it was a daily struggle. He realized there should be a better solution.

Few months of ideation, few months of coding and Glassity’s automatic cloud cost-reducing tool was born.

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