Minni Tang

Minni ensures seamless operations and sustainable growth. With a broad skill set encompassing business development, UX/UI design, and AI, she drives operational excellence. Her agile methodologies extend to fundraising and enhancing growth through programs like Ajujaht. When not immersed in startups, you’ll find her pursuing her passions, from sports to the arts, and staying updated on tech trends and investment opportunities. Her ability to thrive in diverse environments reflects my love for learning and making things happen.
Minni Tang Glassity

About Minni Tang

I am a versatile person with a passion for the startup world and a broad range of expertise spanning business development, UX/UI design, and AI.

Currently, I’m an Operational Manager at Glassity, where I make sure everything runs smoothly and we keep growing. I help drive operational excellence and business development initiatives. Besides focusing on agile methodologies and Scrum practices, my responsibilities extend to fundraising, investment gatherings, and accelerating growth through programs like Ajujaht.

Before Glassity, I worked as the Events and Partners Manager at LIFT99. I had fun bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences. At Bond Creative Agency, I was the go-to person for making sure projects went off without a hitch. Client happiness was my top priority.

During my time as a UX Research intern at Telia AS, I got to dig deep into what makes users love a product. It was eye-opening, and it’s made me even better at what I do.

But it’s not all work and no play for me. When I’m not busy with startups, you’ll find me on the tennis court, busting a move on the dance floor, getting creative with my painting, or playing some sweet tunes on the piano. Oh, and I’m always up to date on the latest tech trends and opportunities for investing.

I’ve worked with people from all over the world, and I thrive in diverse environments. I love learning from different cultures and finding new ways to make things happen.