CMO & Co-Founder

Julia Fedosejeva

Our marketing maestro, the strategist behind our success. She excels in brand development, communications, and crafting effective business and marketing strategies. She’s also passionate about nurturing a culture of growth and continuous improvement. She offers a unique blend of strategic and critical thinking skills and her true passion lies in designing business, marketing, and PR strategies, emphasizing value co-creation with service users and fostering team happiness.
Julia Fedosejeva Glassity

About Julia Fedosejeva

I’m a marketing professional who thrives on creating effective strategies and designing impactful services. With a focus on designing business and marketing strategies, as well as brand development and communications, I bring a practical approach to my work.

In my previous role as a marketing manager, I successfully coordinated a wide range of marketing activities. I was dedicated in areas such as service design, UX analysis and UI design, project management, and product ownership. Additionally, I played a key role in team coordination and ensured smooth collaboration.

With hands-on experience in brand management, event organisation, inbound and outbound communications, social media management, and advertising campaigns, I have a comprehensive understanding of the marketing landscape. I also took responsibility for training and developing the full marketing team, fostering a culture of growth and continuous improvement.

My educational background includes studies in marketing at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, where I gained practical knowledge in strategic marketing principles. Prior to that, I pursued a degree in political science at Tallinn University, which provided me with a well-rounded perspective and critical thinking skills.

Without exaggeration, my true passion lies in designing business-, marketing- and PR strategies.  

I firmly believe in value co-creation with the service users, that’s why building and maintaining connections with customers and users is of great importance to me. From this arises the dedication to service design. I prioritise the creation of great value for the customer and the happiness of my team.