Sales Manager

Jesse Freson

Jesse is bringing over ten years of sales experience and a behavioral psychology background to the table. He also finds inspiration in travel and adventure, which fuels his drive to innovate. With a solid foundation in sales, negotiation, and IT, he performs exceptionally under pressure, ensuring client satisfaction and advancing technology within organizations.
Jesse Freson Glassity

About Jesse Freson

With over a decade of experience in sales, a background in behavioral psychology, and a track record of driving results, I am a person who has experience working with startups, who excels at connecting with people and solving complex problems. As a sales consultant, I have successfully trained sales representatives, boosting their productivity and closing rates.

Having co-founded a start-up and served as COO, I demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of operational intricacies. Leveraging expertise in behavioral psychology, I possess a unique ability to comprehend human behavior and leverage it to achieve business objectives.

Passionate about exploring new ideas, I find inspiration in traveling and seeking adventure. My interests in psychology and technology fuel my drive to uncover innovative solutions and capitalize on emerging trends. My natural flair for problem-solving, coupled with my excellent communication skills, allows me to identify and resolve complex challenges effectively.

With an extensive background in sales and negotiation, I thrive under high-pressure situations. I possess a remarkable ability to read body language, fostering exceptional client relationships and ensuring client satisfaction. My motivational abilities inspire and lead others towards success, while my solid knowledge of IT further enhances my ability to drive technological advancements within organizations.

I’ve pursued Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam, where I developed a strong foundation in business principles. Additionally, I studied Psychology at Mesa Community College, augmenting my understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes.

In the startup world, I bring a wealth of experience, a passion for problem-solving, and a dedication to driving success. Their unique qualifications, coupled with their ability to forge meaningful connections, make them an invaluable asset in the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship.